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Education (by trainings, tours, workshops, educations, lectures or meetings)

There are many different ways to educate people from different backgrounds. Not only in classrooms people are gaining knowledge,  also by walking in nature, experience, through technology, practice and even some times a good conversation. Also the subjects are endless even them outside of the basic educations. We want to offer big scale of subjects concerning our aims and objectives.

We wish that everyone is going to see the beauty of nature and the importance of it. What does nature gives us and how can we use it and simultaneously protect it. Not only to be able to live a healthy and ecological friendly lifestyle now, but also for future generations to benefit from this planet.

We wish for humans to live in harmony. To connect with each other as humans, we are seeking to create education events and activities where all different people can join in, where sharing, exchanging and spending time together are very important. Where we can learn more about ourselves, each other, our surroundings, cultures, body, mind and life.




Foundation for Humanity and
Nature Connections

Nature Shop
New Road,
Kololi/ Senegambia



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"The future world are the children of today!"