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With our tours we try to bring people together, to connect them and give them the opportunity to learn from each other.


One of the ways we bring ‘’Humanity’’ and ‘’Nature” together, is by our tours. Our tours are for tourists and visitors from The Gambia and the Gambians themselves, who are asked to come along a lot of times. Our goal with the tours is not only to get the know Gambia, but to connect with humanity and nature in the Gambia.

Tours offered:

  • Education tour (sustainable use of nature) My Farm+ Tiloo (every Wednesday)
  • A night in your Element (relax at the beach) (every Friday)
  • My Farm on wheels (school visit with education truck) (on request)
  • Tours for kids (dance, animals and activities with Gambian kids) (on request)
  • Women travels (dance, batiken, coocking, making dresses, yoga and meditation) (on request)
  • Kartong cultural festival (February 2019)

Our tours are meant to be to connect humans with them self, others and with nature. The tours are given by ‘’Humanity and Nature connections, tours Gambia”, which is part of the charitable organisation ‘’Foundation for Humanity and Nature connections’’. It is not a commercially oriented organisation and is mainly focused on the promotion of Humanity and Nature!

We are handling prices for our tour for the expenses and organisation. We make fair prices with the individuals, companies and organisation we work with. Any profit will be used for one of the projects of the ‘’Foundation for humanity and Nature connections.’’

Contact us for more information or tour requests
Also you can pass by the Nature Shop (Senegambia/Kololi, New Woad, open mo/sat 10h-19h).