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Nature Shop

In our Nature Shop, we sell all kinds of natural products, made in The Gambia.

At the beginning of 2018, we opened our Nature Shop at New Road in Kololi, a seven minute walkfrom tourist area Senegambia.
In the Nature Shop we sell all natural products, made in The Gambia. We trying to create a bigger
sales platform for entrepreneurs and organisations who are processing natural or nature products in The Gambia. We purchase the products from them and resale them in the Nature Shop.
Many different products are available in the Nature Shop. We have food beverages like organic cashew nuts, honey, jams, solar dried products and local grains. We have herbal medicines, various kinds of moringa products, baobab, local tea’s and Aloë Vera products. Furthermore, cosmetics and
natural beauty products like soap, crèmes, oils (coconut) and shea butter.
Our shop welcomes all different kind of people. Local people are visiting the shop for our natural products. Many times they are surprised of the wide variety of Gambian products we have to offer, even the ones they were not aware of yet. The shops displays these products and gives information
about the health benefits and, if needed, more information can be given. For tourists it is also a easy accessible place to find products they can use themselves or some useful souvenirs to take back to their country.

Our Shop is opened:
Every Monday till Saturday from 9:30 till 19:00 hour.
New Road, Kololi/Senegambia
From Senegambia Junction (at the strip after the police checkpoint) you cross the street and go straight (heating to Serrekunda, SOS or the garbage field) after 7 minutes of walk (or 2 minutes by car) you find us at the left side. A lot of taxi drivers know the local restaurant in our street, Cady Cady, we are just 2 junctions after that on the left side.