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Donations are invested, among other things, in;

  • setting up gardens where products are grown that can be sold (food) or processed (eg soap, creams, etc.),

  • educating the population in setting up a sustainable source of income,

  • providing education and training to the population to produce, package and sell good products,

  • starting small businesses such as The Nature Shop, where space is offered to sell the products of local producers. In these small businesses employment is offered. The people get educated and trained in the Foundation Shops how to make their own independent business or find their own jobs. 

  • investing in the opportunity to organize and workshops, tours, educational tours.

  • investing in an educational-center where Gambians are made familiar with, for example, solar cooking, permaculture, composting, making cosmetics, microgardens, beehives and so on. This is interesting for tourists, but very good to train Gambians to build a self-reliant and independent life.


Foundation for Humanity and
Nature Connections

Nature Shop
New Road,
Kololi/ Senegambia



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