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Sustainability (green, local, eco-friendly and recycle)

We have to protect and take care of the world we are living in, especially the environment. Nature is given by us to be taking good care off. The environmental challenges and disasters are enormous, which is demanding change. New eco-friendly solutions are developed all over the world and cannot be overemphasized.

The Gambia is not a major polluter in this world, as it has not major industries and activities. However, The Gambia is a rising economy, that has the chance to take into account the role of sustainability in their strategies and actions. Pollution is already starting, due to a lack of proper cabbage processing, deforestation and upcoming polluting factories.

The connection between humans and the nature should regain attention. The projects that are carried out by The Foundation are focusing on the connection between people and nature, learn and become inspired to think of the ecological footprint you leave behind. To respect nature and use it in a responsible manner. The project will be inspired by people and their natural surroundings, giving access and understanding about a healthy lifestyle, seeing and recognizing the importance of the environment, promoting nature, encourage the use of natural products and creating sustainable businesses.

Hereby it is of upmost importance to seek connections with other foundations and organization who are promoting and encouraging the sustainable use of the environment and educate about sustainable solutions.


Foundation for Humanity and
Nature Connections

Nature Shop
New Road,
Kololi/ Senegambia



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"To move forward, you have to give back."