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Mission and Goals for the Foundation for Humanity and Nature Connections

The mission is to create jobs by setting up sustainable companies where local products from local producers are cultivated, grown, processed and sold.
Where local Gambians are educated in the entire process of planting, growing, remodeling, processing, packaging, selling. But also where Gambians are educated, accompanied, trained to an independent job.

the Foundation for Humanity and Nature Connections finances the start by for example building a garden, irrigation systems and provides education and training how to grow a garden, how to process and sell the products.

The Foundation for Humanity and Nature Connections invests in education and training in the areas of microcardens, solar cooking, permaculture, composting, making soap and care products, bee hives and the processing of honey, sales activities in shops or other companies.

Learning by doing! Our Foundation has projects to learn an provide the Gambians to be self-reliant by making their own businesses, by planting gardens or how to process their plants into products that can be sold. Self-reliant in the long term, in which entire families simultaneously (learn) how to realize a long-term source of income. For now and for the future.

By organizing Tours the Foundation train Gambians to guide and let the tourist get to know the real rich Gambian culture. At the same time, there is awareness for the projects that the Foundation has.

An additional advantage is that they support local businesses and provide business and income for the guides, but also for the projects or businesses who they visit. This can be expanded with cooking-, dance-, batik workshops, cultural festivals etc.

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Foundation for Humanity and
Nature Connections

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