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The Gambia is developing in many different areas, but unfortunately humanitarian problems and the destruction of nature are daily challenges. The economic activity is still minimal and there is a lot of unemployment. It makes a lot of people depending on help from their family (overseas), loved ones and the help of tourists. 

Education is also an ongoing challenge. Many Gambians did not reach basic education or any follow-up training, what makes it impossible for them to apply for a job or participate in the growing economy of The Gambia. There is a growing number of initiatives set up by Gambians, but this requires many different skills to be able to become a sustainable business. 

When your day to day life is filled with mainly survival, it becomes more difficult to have compassion and grow as an individual. People loose connection with themselves, others and the nature surrounding them. The causal effects of their actions, planning ahead and seeing future possibilities is often lacking. 

The Foundation for Humanity and Nature Connections sees many opportunities for local citizens and visitors of The Gambia to connects on the basis of our humanity and in connection with the nature. Our keypoints are sustainability, creating work opportunities, working together and education. So together we can be one! 

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"The happiest people are independent people" 

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